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Board games, MTG and Pokemon player for over 20 years. Stories from my past, decks building, analysis and advises for everyone who loves to play games.

Let’s praise our mono-black ancestor.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Quintal from Unsplash

I could not find this deck on the Internet, doesn’t matter how hard I try.

The most “recent” reviews of “Reanimator” mention 2008 decks. I also found a November 2002 mentioning of “Benzo” here. But these examples do not contain the deck I used to play.

The deck I describe here was played prior to that!

Why do we need to even look at it 20 years later, you ask?

Because of the similarity in mechanics and ideas with the modern “Reanimator”!

I think that the re-birth of “Reanimator” as we can see it today should be dedicated to the…


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